Your feet make up the most dense and complex system of bones and muscles in your entire body. It’s not surprising that any one area of them can be affected by pain. The arch is a pretty common one.

How your feet are put together

There are a total of 24 bones in your feet and they are arranged in such a way that they form two arches, one that runs across your foot and the other that runs along your foot. This is how your feet are shaped. The bones of these arches are held together by tissues in the feet called ligaments. There is also another set of fibrous tissues known as fat pads that help in absorbing an impact. All these are put together in such a way that each works in relation with another. Arch foot pain occurs when the interaction of the above mentioned structures have been disturbed for some reason.

The causes of arch foot pain

Arch foot pain may be caused due to several reasons. The arches have the capacity to sustain impact up to a certain extent. Anything beyond that would result in arch foot pain. These can include:

  • There is an intense fibrous sheet under the sole of our feet known as plantar fascia. When this is subject to high impact above its capacity, it results in arch foot pain.
  • The ligaments are formed to hold the bones of the arch. Sometimes they can be overstretched resulting in them tearing which eventually would cause arch foot pain.
  • Sometimes an accident can also break a bone in your feet which would harm the arch and result in arch foot pain.

Arch foot pain can also be caused by day-to-day activities such as running or walking on uneven surfaces, or sometimes wearing foot wear with less absorption capacity. It can also be caused if you over-exert yourself while working out.

Also remember, foot pain can be compounded over time. It’s possible to start gradually feeling pain from an accident or impact from some time ago.

Remedies for arch pain

When you have an arch foot pain you should be able to locate the exact area where you have been experiencing the pain. Instead of choosing to avoid it, it would be best if you visit a physician. If you visit a physician, they may take an x-ray or an MRI scan to locate the reason for the pain.

There are many solutions for arch foot pain and they vary on the intensity of the injury or symptoms. Some arch foot pain may be relieved by using prescription medication while others may require physical therapy. Daily activities leading to pain may be alleviated by a warm, soothing foot soak (try dissolving a cup of Epsom Salt in the water…it feels great). Nonetheless, it is always best to get diagnosed and prevent the problem from escalating.

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