bottom of foot pain

Having pain in the bottom of your foot is certainly a very debilitating and inconvenient problem to have. Bottom of foot pain is something that is characterized by a number of different symptoms including aching, swelling, even intense throbbing. There could be several reasons why these issues may develop.

What can cause it

Tendinitis is certainly a common cause and can be a combination of pain and inflammation, usually at the back of the Achilles tendon and heel.

Chronic pain can also be developed as a result of sports related injuries such as muscle tears or broken bones. Injuries don’t necessarily have to be related to sports. Simple sprains and bruises in the area can also lead to the pain, but commonly these will only last for a relatively short period of time. In addition to all of this, flat feet, a hereditary condition, can also lead to discomfort and pain in the bottom of the foot as well.

How you can treat it

There are lots of different types of treatments that you could try in order to reduce the level of inflammation and pain in your feet. However, the type of treatment you employ will certainly depend upon the cause of the problem.

Simple drugs such as ibuprofen will certainly decrease the swelling that may be associated with conditions such as tendinitis or sprains. Swelling in almost all cases can be alleviated by alternating time with a cool compress and a heated pad. Other over-the-counter options such as aspirin will also help to achieve reduced pain in the area.

If your foot pain is more chronic then you might need to seek professional medical attention as soon as possible. Your Doctor can then prescribe you with something more powerful if deemed necessary to alleviate the pain.

Acupuncture or massage therapy are also options that you could choose to take as well. These will generally help to relieve your overall level of pain and discomfort by stimulating nerves and manually manipulating pain receptors.

You may also try a number of at home remedies in order to help as well. These might be particularly useful if the pain has resulted from a short-term injury and is minor in nature. One thing to do would be to compress the affected area using sports tape in order to restrict your movements if this is causing additional discomfort.


Of course, while these treatments might be suitable once you have developed the pain it is certainly a better option to try to prevent any sort of problem from happening in the first place. As such, make sure that you wear proper shoes at all times to provide proper support for your feet. In addition, always make sure that the shoes have proper padding and are suited for your daily activities.

Consult with your doctor if any pain you are suffering from is not going away. You might need physical therapy to get over a more serious injury and therefore relieve bottom of foot pain.

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