Are you suffering from a sore ankle? Turns out you don’t have to have suffered an injury to experience this kind of pain. Nevertheless, its not something you should ignore.

Causes of ankle problems

A common belief is, a sore ankle is related to twisting of the ankle. However that is not the only cause. It may be caused by the overuse of your ankle.

Too much of walking and standing at a stretch for long hours can result in tendonitis – the inflammation of the tendons that connect the ankle and foot bones to the muscles of your legs. Overuse of the ankle can cause bursitis – the inflammation of the bursa of the ankle. Sore ankles can also be the result of wrong footwear. Unsupportive shoes that are ill fitting can result in ankle aches.

Relieving the pain and inflammation

The best way to treat a sore ankle is using ice. You will need to apply ice pack on your ankle for about 20 minutes quite a number of times throughout the day. This will reduce the pain as well as the swelling. If the inflammation in your ankle is because of a strained Achilles tendon you can get some relief if you insert a pad or a lift on the heel of your foot wear. You can get the pads at your nearest drugstore. This is a great treatment for an inflamed sore ankle.

Vinegar is also a wonderful remedy for sore ankles. You will need to alternate cold and hot vinegar wraps. You will first have to mix equal amounts of hot water and vinegar. Dip your towel in this mixture, wring the towel and wrap it around your ankle. After 5 minutes mix equal parts of cold water with vinegar, dip the towel, wring it and wrap it. Do this for at least 3 times. Your pain will subside. You can also treat your sore ankle by simply elevating it. This will promote the draining of fluids and reduce the inflammation. You should also avoid salt as sodium enhances fluid retention.

Thus there are several ways you can treat a painful and inflamed ankle. However, if these remedies do not work consult a doctor. You know it is time to visit a doctor when the pain in your ankle is so bad that you cannot put your weight on it even after 24 hours of first noticing the pain.

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