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Painful heels are a very commonplace complaint and can be caused by different issues and problems. If you think a single injury can result in pain in your heels for a pretty long time you are mistaken.

You can experience pain in the heels because of excessive stress that they are put under or because of pounding.

This causes strain in the bone, ligament and muscle and results in conditions that cause pain in the heels. Some of the important causes of painful heels are heel spur, plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, posterior heel pain and the tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Heel pain in men

Painful heels are very common among men when they start to age. Men in the age group of 40 to 60 suffer the most from heel pain. This happens because with increasing age there is tension on the foot. Erratic lifestyle that results in weight gain and ill fitting footwear can also cause pain in the heels. Improper shoes can damage the tissues of the feet that are extremely sensitive and result in painful heels. Some men may also feel a sharp pain in their heels when they are lying down. This may be a result of sleeping in a wrong posture.

Heel pain in women

Painful heels are pretty common with women also. Women experience pain in the heels mainly in the early hours of the day or after long hours of rest. Standing for a long time can also cause pain in the heels. If a woman loves to wear high heeled shoes she may get plagued by several problems. Apart from painful heels she may experience painful knees and sprained ankles. Women can treat the pain in their heels by taking a lot of rest and having anti inflammatory drugs. Ice packs are also quite effective. Cushioning the feet also provides relief.

Methods of relief

As far as painful heels are concerned there is not much difference between the pain experienced by men and women and therefore the treatment is also similar. Some of the common treatments are rest and ice packs. Avoid indulging in strenuous physical activities for a few days – the pain will subside. Applying ice pack on the painful heels will help you get rid of it effectively. There are certain foot stretches and exercises that help cure pain in the heels. These exercises will relax the tissues surrounding your heel bone and you will get relief. You can also use shoe inserts to cure the pain.

However if the common treatments do not yield results a doctor should be consulted.

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