pain outside of foot

Ever wondered why your feet are getting cramped and have been experiencing pain for a while now? You would have figured that it was maybe because you walk a lot or you are just tired. Have you ever considered that there may be more to it?

It may be more than just walking. There are quite a few reasons why you may experience pain on the outside of the foot.

Causes for pain outside of foot

Pain outside of foot can be caused due to several reasons. Wearing tight shoes may affect the front end of your feet.

Wearing shoes that are too small for you or wearing heels that are unusually high affect your heel and result in sore heels and can be a reason for pain on the outside of the foot. Foot swelling may occur due to continuous standing, pregnancy or for even being overweight. Other reasons for pain outside of foot may be common foot diseases. When you wear tight shoes, you cut of the moisture to your feet which result in cracks on your heels and sometimes an itchy rash. There are external growth such as corns on your toes or on the skin of feet or calluses. All of the above can happen because there is not much attention given to your feet. There are many viral and fungal infections that can cause pain on the outside of the foot. Wearing shoes of the wrong size can cause viral diseases like warts on the sole of your feet or may also cause athlete’s foot.

Remedies for outside of foot pain.

If and when any of these problems occur or if you experience any pain outside of foot, instead of choosing to ignore it, gauge the amount of pain you’re in and act accordingly. Severe pain should be examined immediately by a physician. Mild to moderate pain should be noted to determine if simple lifestyle changes can help alleviate the problem. For example, If you stand a lot at work and come home to find pain on the outside of the foot, you may benefit from a larger shoe size fitted with comfort inserts. Do you walk around barefoot a lot? You may be picking up bacteria through cracks in your heels. Also never underestimate the relief of simple over the counter pain medicine or a relaxing massage.

Still, don’t settle into the mindset of treating symptoms. Work to find the cause and prevent the pain from progressing.

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