painful feet

Painful feet have become a very common problem and several researches have been undertaken to decipher different facets of foot pain. Are you wondering what exactly has prompted the research to undertake studies on painful feet?

Well it has been noticed that more and more people are complaining about a host of foot problems and the most common problem is pain in the feet.

Earlier it was thought that only the elderly people suffer from foot pain but nowadays more people from the younger age group are found suffering from pain in the feet. In fact small children are also no longer an exception when it comes to foot pain.

Foot pain- population based study

Some studies have examined painful feet in a general community and the objective of the study was to find a correlation between foot pain and community if any. The sample of one such study on painful feet was people aged over 18 and living in Northwestern Adelaide. Around 4060 were randomly selected and interviewed on the telephone. The second stage was data collection and it included relevant information on musculoskeletal condition. Around 3206 participants returned for a second visit and were asked questions on pain and stiffness of the feet. Information on major medical conditions, joint symptoms and BMI were also noted down. Nearly 18% of those interviewed complained of painful feet. The study concluded that 1 out of every 5 people suffers from foot pain and the pain is associated with increased age, obesity and pain in other regions. It was also seen that women suffer from pain more than men.

Foot pain, footwear and anthropometric variables among the elderly

The objective of this study on painful feet was to see the prevalence of foot pain among older people when they wear shoes and also the link between the pain, the footwear and the anthropometric variables. The method of the painful feet study included the evaluation of the feet of 172 elderly men and 227 elderly women. The evaluation included foot posture index, arch index and anthropometric variables. The participants were asked to answer question about foot pain when they wear high heels. The responses were analyzed using probability, test and multiple analyses. This study on painful feet came up with the findings that prevalence of foot pain was more when shoes are worn and was more common with the female gender. However it was noted that high heels had nothing much to do with foot pain. Women with foot pain were noted to have greater values of metatarsal head circumference and their instep was also larger. However there was no difference in measurement between men with pain and without pain.

These studies have helped the researchers to understand more about foot pain and come up with improved treatments.

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