If you want to stay healthy you just cannot do without exercises. Almost all parts of your body need exercise to function properly, and your feet are no different.

However, you often tend to ignore your feet. The truth is that your feet need regular exercise. Throughout the day they are put through a lot of pressure. A lot of walking and tremendous pressure can cause your foot and toe muscle to weaken and that is why foot exercises are important to keep them in shape.

Foot Stretch

Foot Stretch
One of the most effective foot exercises is the foot stretch.
For this exercise you will need to sit on the floor and stretch out your legs. Then you will have to loop a towel or resistance band around the feet. Keep your heels on the floor and pull the towel with both your hands and draw the toes and the middle of your foot towards your body. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and then go back to the initial position. This exercise will enhance your overall flexibility and allow you to live with less physical restrictions. It can also help you control your stress and strengthen your foot muscles should you have an annoying injury.

Ankle Stretch

Ankle Stretching
Another excellent foot exercise you can try out is the ankle stretch. Lay on your back with both knees bent towards the ceiling, feet flat. Raise one leg to a 45 degree angle above your head. Reach for the ball of your foot and try to pull downward. Hold for 10 seconds then release. Repeat this exercise for at least 6 times. This exercise will strengthen your ankles and help prevent injury. It will also increase the durability of the joints of your ankle and make the surrounding muscles stronger.

Toe Stretching

Toe Stretching
Toe stretching is one of the best foot exercises. For this you will have to raise your heel till the ball of your foot touches the floor. Stay in this position for 5 seconds and then release. Repeat it with only your toes touching the floor. Then repeat it again with your toes curl so that only your nails touch the ground. You will need to repeat each position 10 times. This exercise will increase your balance and reduce foot pain. It will correct misalignment and will help your body to detoxify, as well as, improve your foot reaction time and stamina-hence your body posture.

As you can see, foot exercises do not have to be tedious or difficult. However, the long and even short term benefits cannot be overstated. Your feet have the largest collection of bones in your body, and these bones are mitigated with muscles. Keep them loose and keep them strong, and your feet will have no trouble carrying you to wherever you need to go.

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