foot blister

Are you suffering from foot blisters? Well they are a pretty common problem and are usually marked by a small swelling or abrasion on the foot.

These swellings are filled with watery liquid. They are usually caused due to friction and your foot reacts to this friction by producing the fluid. The fluid actually builds up beneath the part of your skin and causes acute pain and pressure when the skin is rubbed.

Foot blisters mostly occur when your feet get sweaty and hot and when your socks stick to your foot. If you are suffering from diabetes you may not realize the blisters because of neuropathy. So you need to take care of your feet well.

Causes and Symptoms

There are several causes of foot blisters and it is important that you know what they are. If you know the causes then you can take measures to avoid them. One of the most common causes of foot blisters is moisture and this can occur when you wear shoes that are not vented or socks that are non-wicking. Walking in the rain or through wet grass will wet you shoes and sock and your foot will slide causing blisters. When the skin of your feet becomes soft due to heat it will react to roughness and cause blisters. Frictions are one of the major causes of foot blisters and therefore make sure both your shoes and socks fit you well. Ill fitting shoes will result in friction between your foot and your shoes. Also when there is girt or dirt in your shoes there may be friction. Some people think not wearing socks will help them avoid blisters but this is completely wrong. So what are the symptoms of foot blisters? If you are developing the blisters you will notice a kind of redness on the infected part of your skin. The redness turns into a fluid filled balloon in some time.

Home remedies

There are some great home remedies for foot blisters and they really work. When you notice the blisters start applying anti bacterial lotion. Make sure you apply them till the blisters disappear. Cover the blisters with adhesive bandage but make sure the edges of the bandage are close to the blisters and the middle of the bandage is raised up. This will let in air and heal the blisters faster. Another foot blisters home remedy is soaking your feet in warm water before going to bed. The warm water will soften and shrink the blisters. If the blisters are on the sole of your foot buy cushioned adhesive pads. Cut the pad according to the size and wear them until the blisters subside.

So make sure that you keep your feet clean and wear the right footwear to avoid the blisters. And if you are infected then take proper care to get rid of the blisters fast.

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