Feet problems are something that plagues a lot of people. This happens because not many take care of their feet. However, the truth is, your foot is that part of your body which cannot be ignored.

Your feet aid you in mobility and more importantly, carries your weight. Therefore it is important to take care of your feet just like you take care of the rest of your body. Also your feet enhance your appearance and are important indicators of your overall hygiene.

If you do not take care of your feet regularly the chances of falling victim to feet problems increase manifold.

Foot Problems stemming from occupation

It has been seen that a lot of feet problems originate from the workplace. The primary reason behind this is foot care is hardly looked into when the question of safety and health in the workplace is discussed. If you are constantly standing at your workplace you may suffer from pain in the feet and or your feet may become swollen. Some of the common feet problems associated with workplace are fatigue of the feet that occurs due to long hours of standing and walking or sweaty feet that is the result of working in hot and humid environment. Other problems include aching feet and sprains.

Foot Problems stemming from footwear

A major cause behind feet problems is wrong footwear. The wrong shoes can spell doom for your feet. Shoes that are either too large or too small for your feet or if they have rough spot they will rub against your sensitive skin. This will result in small water filled cushions, commonly known as blisters. One of the common feet problems stemming from wrong shoes are bunions. This occurs when you wear shoes that cause the base of your toe to be pushed out of its normal position. You may suffer from heel pain if you wear high heeled shoes.

Recent studies on foot problems

More and more people are facing feet problems and a recent study has revealed that 75 out of 100 people suffer from some foot problem at some stage of their lives. The studies on feet problems have also revealed high heels can be extremely hazardous to the health of your feet. Apart from sprains, breaks and heel pains it can cause painful joint ailments and osteoarthritis. You may be surprised but researchers are of the opinion that barefoot activity can put an end to most of the foot problems. Being bare footed will do a world of good to your posture and your walking skills. The studies have also listed ways to take care of your feet to avoid problems.

So, taking good care of your feet, choosing the appropriate footwear and being a bit more aware of your feet at the workplace can help you avoid feet issues.

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