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Are foot warts troubling you? If they are you need to take care of them immediately. Around the world several people are affected by these warts every year – one of the most common feet infections. However, not many know about foot warts, their causes, symptoms and treatment.

Warts on the feet are also known as Plantar warts and they are basically a sign of unclean feet.

So, if the Planter warts are bothering you, you will need to know about the causes of these warts and their symptoms. This will help you combat the warts easily and effectively.

Definition, cause and symptoms

Foot warts, also known as planter warts are usually located on the sole of the foot and are marked with black dots. They can occur both in children and adults and are about 1cm in diameter. When there is a single wart consisting of several small warts it is known as Mosaic warts. These warts can easily be transmitted from one person to another as they spread easily through swimming pools, common showers and changing rooms. The easiest mode of foot warts transmission is water and therefore if you have the warts it is advisable to avoid swimming.

So, what exactly is the cause of foot warts? These warts are caused by a virus named human papilloma virus (HPV). If there is a cut or a scratch in your feet or you do not take care of your feet well then the virus might make an entry. To treat the foot warts effectively and in time you will need to be aware of its symptoms. What are the most common symptoms of planter warts? Some of the common symptoms include pain when any kind of force is applied, pain when the wart is squeezed – a feeling that a small stone is under your feet.

Home remedy and relief

To get relief from the foot warts you can try out home remedies. These have proved to be quite effective. You can treat the warts by applying a simple duct tape on them for about a couple of weeks. This will actually reduce the warts. Another home remedy is the use of an adhesive tape with salicylic acid. This will melt away the warts. A very good home remedy for foot warts is soaking a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and placing it over the warts. Hold the ball in place with a tape. This has proved to be very effective too. Soaking your leg in warm water will also help release foot tissue tensions.

So when you are bothered by planter warts try one of the many home remedies available and you will get instant relief.

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  1. Denver Welch says:

    I have a foot wart on my left foot under my big toe, thought it would just go away. forgot about it and now there’s multiple other little dots around it spreading….. And it has turned greenish. I’m 17 years old and im quite scared to tell someone about this. All the pain has gone away when pressure put, no pain when squeezing it, and theres no rock feeling anymore, it has just changed colors…. :( please help me out by sending me an email in return fast. PLEASE,,

    Denver Welch


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