relief from flat feet pain

Flat feet pain is becoming very common. As the name suggest it is the pain associated with flat feet. What exactly are flat feet?

A flat foot occurs when the instep of the feet or the longitudinal arch falls down and it comes in contact with the floor. In infants the arch is not very well defined and therefore flat feet is normal among them.

So, it is basically children and adults who suffer from flat feet pain. However you need to understand most flat feet does not cause pain. So if you are experiencing any kind of pain you will need to consult a doctor.

Causes of flat feet

When children experience flat feet pain it is primarily associated with a condition commonly known as tarsal coalition. In tarsal coalition a couple or more bones of the foot become fused together. This usually restricts motion and result in flat foot. Flat feet pain in adults is mainly a result of fallen or collapsed arches. Overuse of the feet and the associated wear and tear can cause the tendon to weaken, and the tendon alone is responsible for the shape of the arch. Thereby the weak tendon falls and results in flat foot. It can also be caused by inflammation of tendons.

Methods of pain relief

If you think a flat foot will only cause flat feet pain you are mistaken. A flat foot can also cause pain in different parts of your body like leg, ankle and hips. Therefore you need to be aware of the methods that can relieve you of the pain. There are several anti inflammatory medicines promising to reduce the pain. However their effect is short lived and they do not take care of the causes of flat foot. You can also get rid of your flat feet pain with the help of several therapies. There is Prolotherapy that actually strengthens the weak tendons of the leg.

There is another therapy to reduce flat feet pain and it uses inflammatory healing stimulants. This initiates the tendon to repair itself – a permanent solution to flat foot. If the pain is unbearable then a surgery may be advised by the doctor. This surgery cleans and repairs the damaged tendons. In rare cases joint fusion may be required. There are some home remedies for flat feet pain and they also have proved quite helpful. If you are suffering from flat foot and are overweight try dropping a few pounds (I know, easier said than done).Still, it will help a lot. A considerable amount of rest will also help.

So, if you are suffering from flat feet consult your doctor and decide the course of treatment. Follow the regimen and it is sure to serve the purpose.

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