Bunions are a common problem when it comes to some foot pain. They can be very painful when walking or even just standing, but there are many people who do not know what these are. This article will give you some insight into the causes and treatment of bunion pain that may help you cope with this condition of the feet.

But first, for those who do not know, what are bunions?

A Bunion is the swelling of the bursa (fluid sac) at the first joint of the big toe. These swellings can be very painful and can cause difficulty when walking in everyday life.

Many people mistake foot calluses for bunions, when in fact a bunion is a more of a deformity than just localized foot pain.

How bunions can form

The first is the wearing of high heeled, narrow toed shoes. The wearing of these shoes causes pressure where the big toe is pushed against the second toe. This pressure affects the first joint of the big toe causing it to swell which then produces a bunion. Men are affected in much the same way as women with regards to wearing narrow toed shoes for the sake of stylish dress. They will have the same affect as women’s heels over time.

The second reason that may cause this condition is that if it is hereditary. There has been a link in some cases where family members have been known to get these deformities of the feet without wearing tight narrow toed shoes. It is more likely that you will get these if your mother or father, grandmother or grandfather has them.

The third reason why someone may develop these is because they may have one leg longer than the other. When one leg is longer than the other, you will find that more weight will be placed on a certain foot, usually on the big toe area. This can cause your foot, overtime, to start to change causing a bunion.

Taking care of bunions

There are a couple of treatment methods that can be used on bunions and for bunion pain, but it depends on the deformity, seriousness and symptoms of them. As is common among foot problems, changing your foot gear may the first step in alleviating pain. Wearing wider end shoes opposed to narrow toed ones can help release pressure and can cut the pain down.

Anti inflammatories can also help ease the pain of bunions, though they will not likely decrease the deformity itself. Another thing that may help is a whirlpool bath or a soak in a foot tub. This may help to ease the discomfort that you may be feeling.

If you are really suffering then surgery may be the last option that can relieve the pain. Surgery can help remove the bunions and help fix the deformed bones. But overall the less stress on your feet is the best way of relieving pain. So start with a change of shoes and see whether that helps.

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